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What make us different from other Title Agents?





Plunkett & Graver, P.C. has been writing title insurance for more than 30 years.  We have been engaged on various projects and have insured the smallest of transactions, such as an easement area to access a property to the largest of transactions, multi-million dollar commercial shopping centers.    Title premiums in Pennsylvania are regulated by the PA Department of Insurance and the rates are filed rates, which means the premiums are the same regardless of whom you choose to insure your transaction. 


Here is the real difference:   Plunkett & Graver, P.C. is pleased to have on staff, Philip S. Janny, CLTP, NTP.   Phil has been writing title Insurance for more than 30 years and is engaged with the American Land Title Association and the Pennsylvania Land Title Association.  Phil received the highest professional designation offered by the American Land Title Association, and was in the first class of receipients across these United States to receive the NTP designation (National TItle Professional) from ALTA.  This designation is evidence of Phil's dedication and integrity of ensuring a safe and efficient transfer of property.  Phil currently serves on the GAC (Government Affairs Committee) and A&ARC (Agents and Abstractors Research Committee) of the American Land Title Association.  


At the state level in Pennsylvania, Phil is an active member of the PLTA (Pennsylvania Land Title Association).   Phil is a Past-President of the Association, going through the chairs of the association and serving as President in 2011-2012.   Phil received the ALTP designation (Associate Land Title Professional) and the highest designation offered by the PLTA, the CLTP designation, (Certified Land Title Professional) recognizing his combination of education, exeperience and performance in the TItle Insuruance Industry.   Phil is currently active on the L&J (Legislative & Judicial Committee) and the Education Committee of the PLTA.  In 2012, Phil was appointed by the Honorable Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, to serve on the Electronic Records Commission as the PLTA representative.  Phil has testified before the Pennsylvania Senate and Pennsylvania Department of Insurance on title related matters and has met with various legislators on both the national and state level to discuss title insurance related matters.   Phil has presented at many seminars for industry peers as well as first time home-buyers, realtors and mortgage officers.


Coupled with the combination of Phil's Title Insurance background and Attorneys Plunkett & Graver's skilled real estate kwowledge, Plunkett & Graver, P.C. is a different Title Agent, as we are real leaders in the industry and we grasp the skills necessary to advise and represent our clients on Title Insurance. 


Plunkett & Graver, P.C. exclusively underwrites for First American Title Insurance Company. 



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